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Donate A Dollar



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The Kam-Era Photography and Elim's Art Concepts have teamed up for our annual Donate A Dollar Campaign. Every dollar donated goes directly to help provide and deliver art supplies for Jackson Public School District students. This program has impacted hundreds of students through the years and we'd like to triple that number this year. Please help us keep Art Alive in Jackson Public Schools and Donate A Dollar. Take a look at some of the art work created by students at Cardozo Middle School, Callaway and Provine.

Kam Ridley, an Emmy award winning journalist and published photographer created an Art collective that will fund art projects for the students in Jackson Public Schools. “Art education is important for children. Especially in a place like Mississippi because it gives everyone an outlet to be different, which isn’t something that is always culturally accepted in the South,” says Ridley.  The Mississippi Artist Collective will raise independent funds by curating gallery shows across the country both independent and as a group. A portion of the funds will create a curriculum and endowment that will be presented to the school district for implementation into their existing art curriculum.