now offering virtual funeral services

"Let us be your eyes when you are blinded by grief."

The Global Pandemic COVID-19 has FOREVER changed our way of life. And now it is having an affect on how we memorialize those that we lost.

The Kam-Era Photography has partnered with to offer:

Virtual Funeral Streaming Services.


Now servicing the entire United States.

Grand Risings


"When you are blinded by grief, I will be your eyes!"

The loss of a loved one is hard and confusing, but we can help. Our experienced photography staff will be there to capture family and friends as you gather for a celebration of life.

I am Kam. I've worked all over the world as a professional photographer and artist for more than a decade. And now, the journey has led me to the launch a more purpose driven photography business. The Kam-Era presents....

Grand Risings Funeral Photography and Visual Healing

"When you are blinded by grief, I will be your eyes!"

Many of you may remember me as "Kamecia Hoskins, that lady from the news lol." And while that ambitious and curious young journalist still lives within in me, I've grown to become so much more. Allow me to reintroduce myself! I am Kam, Funeral Photographer & Visual Healing Artist, creator of multi-award winning series The Fashion:ISSUE-Diversity, and medicine woman. Keep reading to learning more about "The Experience!"