The Kam-Era Photography and Visual Healing Studio specializes in creating unique imagery for your personal and business brand. 

We get it, putting your image out into the world can be scary and sometimes overwhelming. But it's a New Year and it's time to Love YOU!

We are booking In-Home/Business Experiences designed for people with their own personal brand and businesses in need of monthly visual content.



Ford Family

My daughter recently had a shoot with Kam. She told me she had a fantastic time. Kam took time and listened to what she wanted her birthday shoot to include and she made it happen. We can't wait to see the finished photos. Thanks Kam for making my daughter's first shoot an incredible experience.

Rasheda and Nic

The Kam-Era Photography did our mother-son family shoot and captured the very essence of who we are! Kam is great with children. What an amazing experience!

Charity Clark

Kam is such an amazing artist! She takes the time to really get to know everyone she works with to accurately capture who they really are.

You would not be disappointed.

The Curated Collection



An archivist is an information professional who assesses, collects, organizes, preserves, maintains control over, and provides access to records and archives determined to have long-term value. 

remember, the kam-era loves you!

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It’s a Grand Day at The Kam-Era Photography and Visual Healing Studio!


I am Kam, YOUR Archivist, Photographer and proud founder of The Kam-Era Photography Studio since 2008. If you’re from the Jackson metro area, many of you may remember me as "Kamecia Hoskins, that lady from the news lol." Or if you met me somewhere along the northeastern shore board, you probably witnessed my transition from journalist to sales rep and finally Artist when I enrolled as a photography student at Boston University. Just a few years later I’d live my dream of photographing fashion campaigns in NYC, New York Fashion Week, competing and ultimately winning several prestigious art awards and traveling the world creating art. While that ambitious and curious young journalist, artist and fashion trailblazer still lives within in me, I've grown to become so much more.

Allow me to reintroduce myself! I am Kam, Your Archivist Photographer, and Artist in Residence.​


If this is your first introduction to The Kam-Era Experience, Welcome! It is my desire to capture your story, and archive the collective moments of our lives. Now all you have to do is book me as your Archivist for your upcoming life event and experience the uniqueness of The Kam-Era.


Every session is guaranteed to be a fun experience for you, but I'm always focused on getting the best, most beautiful images. God helps me to see beauty in every corner of the world.


I am proud to call myself a Professional photographer. It's my full time job and I love every minute of it. Since my studio's inception, I've placed an emphasis on capturing  the story of people. There's just something about witnessing the journey of others fascinates me. Every single person I photograph brings something new to the table and inspires me in a different way.


So tell me. How will we inspire each other and change the world one shutter click at a time? I can't wait to find out!