COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle and seemingly our wardrobe maybe forever. Shop our hand crafted selection of customizable mask.

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"The only way to create change is the change the way you create." -Kam

The Kam-Era Shop was created for people who consider themselves uniquely different....or as we like to say, People Who Color Outside the Lines.  Our products at The Kam-Era Shop are the original creations of Mississippi born artist Kam.

Kam is the creator of the multi award winning conversational art series- The Fashion:ISSUE- Diversity. The original pieces from The Fashion: ISSUE have traveled to art shows and galleries coast to coast spawning an exchange of ideas and culture in a non-divisive way.

The Kam-Era Shop is here to provide you with unique artwork for your home or office, art apparel because We Wear Art and custom art designed for your brand. Kam prefers to work with natural and recycled materials. 


The Fashion:ISSUE- Diversity


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