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We now offer Virtual Funeral Streaming when available!

"Let us be your eyes when you are blinded by grief"

-Kam, Chief Photographer


The loss of a loved one is hard and confusing, but we can help. Our experienced photography staff will be there to capture family and friends as you gather for a celebration of life.

Memorial Candle

Removing the Burden

Our journalistic style of photography is discrete and captures photographs that are personal, meaningful and dignified, and carried out with the highest level of support and care. Count on Grand Risings Funeral Photography to handle your memories with Reverence.

Video Camera Lens

Giving Peace of Mind

Many states have issued temporary orders to cease gatherings of more than 10 people....including funeral. Our team of videographers and producers will work with you on the day to celebrate the life of the departed. Modern service with a touch of tradition.

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A Final Message of Love

 A  custom memorial album is a priceless heirloom and it can be part an important aspect of the healing process. Funeral photo books are not restricted to photos and can include eulogies, poems, family trees, favorite songs and photos of the loved one during their life. We also offer a hard copy video and digital copy of your virtual service.



  • Attendance at the funeral service for up to 1.5 hours and at the gathering held afterwards for up to 2.5 hours. (Total 4 hours coverage)

  • Selected images from the funeral will be available in a password protected online viewing area 

  • A 40 sided 8.5 x 11 leather funeral photo book containing photos from the day will be sent to you within five weeks of the design approved by you. The book is a perfect heirloom for family/friends, as well as cementing the memories of those who were present.

  • A CD containing images from the day is available for an additional $199 and additional funeral photo book pages are $30 (two sides) each.

Package Price: $800 (travel expenses may apply)

Photography + Videography

Package include:


  • Everything in the Traditional Package

  • Videographer to video service.

  • Complete edited video post service

  • Total 4 hrs coverage

Total Price: $1250

  • Additional Add-Ons Available

  • Digital Obituary Design (family must provide all relevant information in a timely manner)

  • Celebration of Life Program Design

  • Hi Resolution Hard Copy of Service

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