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God's Child; Medicine Woman; Visual Healer

My mission is to help RESTORE YOUR POWER. I believe God gave us all the ability to heal ourselves and others but many people are stuck in a fog. Questioning whether they were even born with "A Gift." Let me say YES YOU...YOU HAVE A GIFT! The question is are you clear enough to understand how and where Spirit is leading you? I am Kam, practicing Shaman. I often incorporate body art, dance and movement, intentional breathing, Spirit writing & channeling and Animal Medicine during treatment sessions. My mission is to heal, but also work with you to create practicing that will sustain your energetic body. Remember, we are all in this journey together and even the healers need healing. I would love to connect with you to offer guidance and healing. Peace and Immediate Blessings!


"I came out of there energized with lots of ideas of things I can focus on in my life. I got clarity on things I had been questioning. I highly recommend Kam"   


" Kam’s candor and spirit are so calming and peaceful. I’m beginning a new chapter in my life, but without Kam’s guidance, I don’t know that I would have ever opened the book. She’s a gift. A treasure. And I’m certainly blessed to know her and have access to her gifts and talents and teachings."


"Kam has an amazing ability to journey into parts of you that are so unique to you, and help you to shed the things that you don't really need to carry into the future, so you can be your biggest, brightest self!"



Have you been in bad mood, an energy funk or depression you just can't shake? Chances are you're overdue for an energy  cleanse. Just like dirt in your home, energetic "dirt" from the world can attach to you leaving you feeling overwhelmed and heavy. During a Cleansing, the light body is removed from the body so deeper healing can take place. Balancing your energy centers is a necessary first step to healing. 


Get answers and direct guidance from Spirit and loved ones to help along your Earth walk. In my healing practice, I journey beyond this realm to bring you answers to your life questions. As a Shaman, I serve as an open channel to communicate with God & your Spirit Guides to bring to you immediate guidance and energetic healing. I use Animal Card Readings or God sends messages directly through my being.


Are you at a fork in the road? Searching for Purpose in Life? Allow the Animal Medicine to speak to you! Animal Medicine help you understand your connection to Mother Earth and all of her creatures. Medicine Card readings offer Spiritual guidance to healing the body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Every animal will tell you a lot about your destiny, bring its own personal power, strength and understanding.


You Are A God! God is everything, God exist in everything.  Art is the physical expression of life. Shaman Kam Ridley is also an award winning photographer and visual artist. You can now become the Art during our Intuitive Body Art Healing Sessions. During these sessions, Kam uses her  gifts to body paint your tribal signature. You will experience a full photoshoot that will capture the beautiful essence of your highest soul self. These sessions are a fun and creative way to tap into your soul and shift into your highest sense of self.      

Phone Consultation Required Prior to Session

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